Fly Elizabeth City

A flight training experience focused on your needs

You’re in the groove ... on center-line, on proper glide slope. There's a cross wind blowing, but your training prepared you for this. You're looking forward to that smooth touch down on the main gear. 

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Flight Training in a Cessna 172.

Aircraft rents for $110 per hour! 

Currently the instructor rate is an introductory rate of only $20 an hour.

Instructor rate will be going to $30 an hour April 1st 2014. 

Flight Training designed to fit your needs. Fly as often or as little as you want.

Flight Training in a Cessna 172 … the most popular training aircraft in the world! 

No concerns about exceeding maximum gross weight as is the case for smaller aircraft.  Plus, the Cessna 172 is more roomier than other flight training aircraft used locally.  The Cessna 172 is also heavier, increasing the number of available training days throughout the year since breezy days will not allow smaller aircraft to fly safely .   

Owner/operator: Mark Honeycutt. Mark has been flying since 1977, flight instructing since 1994.

Mark specializes in low pressure, fun, personalized flight training, while keeping the cost down as much as possible. Mark can guide you through various, low cost ground school options, that use updated computer graphics and in-flight video footage. Mark is also always available via email, phone, or one-on-one instruction.

Mark Honeycutt has an Instrument Instructor rating, N12952 is IFR certified. Training for Instrument Rating is available.

Please be prepared to show me either a U.S. Passport, or a Birth Certificate proving you are a U.S. Citizen prior to receiving your first lesson.  The T.S.A. requires I verify your U.S. citizenship prior to providing any flight training. Otherwise there is a process with the T.S.A. to get you cleared for flight training.  
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